What once was the cradle of the early church…
Operation M  2010-09-01

… yes… many of the journeys of the Apostle Paul took place in the land of present day Turkey. But today there is not even a trace of the churches once flourishing… today Islam has established a stronghold – its own portal between the Middle East and Europe.

Those of you reading our stories who have never visited our part of the World may want to google out some in learning about the geo/political/religious setting of Turkey and its strategic location. Care For All has visited Turkey on numerous occasions with one purpose in mind – bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world empowered by the dark rule of Islam.

Since my primary purpose with this article is not to describe the Islamic religion – I will jump straight to tell you that few weeks ago our dear brother and partner E.B.  asked us if we will be willing to go back to Turkey and minister to some of the families and individuals they work with? We agreed to go because our Bulgarian Missionary H.C. bound under the Turkish law can only spend three months in a time in the country and we felt that our presence there was important so we can encourage those who have already embraced Jesus as their own Lord and Savior. As a matter of fact we were given a complete list of people and locations to visit and to minister with testimonies and preaching.

Those of you who follow us on Facebook know that our first attempt to go into Turkey was obstructed by the medical condition of my mother-in-law but last week our mission team made a second launch and this time it was absolutely successful ;-) Totally on purpose I decided to scoop up three generations of believers – my mom and dad, my brother and my younger son Benjamin to travel with me down South – so that the families there could see that Christianity is a wonderful blessing to the whole family. Along with us the Lord send us a super helper – a translator – sister Sabihe. And off we went…

I will be totally laconic in my story and I have to skip all details concerning locations and names to protect our brothers and sisters but in a few words – God was glorified in a tremendous way and we were blessed personally to witness the expansion of the Kingdom of God in Turkey. During the week we managed to preach the gospel to numerous families, share personal testimonies, sing and talk with so many… as a result three individuals gave their heart to the Lord and requested to be baptized in water – Glory be to Jesus for his power and love…

We are now back in Bulgaria – but we continue to pray that God will continue to use us for His work in Turkey.

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As a Christian Ministry venturing in Missions we have become comfortable partnering and ministering with groups and families from so many countries… Well so many and yet never before we had the honor to serve the Lord with a family from Norway. So for the first time we were to host Norwegians and we had no idea what to expect and let me tell you right away that Tormod and Anita Olsen - an army of just two literally filled our van, our towns and villages, our world. Since we have never met them before – we were praying that God was sending us at least some normal people to work with but it was such a surprise to discover that they were far from normal – they were as crazy as we are and folks so in love with Jesus and his flock. WOW! A week started and ended like it was just 7 hours – we felt in love with the Olsens seeing how they jumped straight into the deep waters of the Bulgarian ministry context without hesitation and restrains – they began loving on people, ministering with their unique talents and uplifting the hurting people with a contagious spirit of enthusiasm and Jesus love. WOW!! Sofia, Geman, Petrich, Panaguyrishte, Levski, Teteven – day after day the people of Bulgaria from the various churches found their Spiritual Vitamins, encouragement, specific word of God through prophecy, healings, freedom and salvation through the self-sacrificial, giving and warm ministry of these folks. We can not wait for them to come back in June… I personally am in anticipation to see what Daddy has for us in the future – and I am sure it is special. Thank you God – for bringing those two WOW!!! People in our world. Dinko Zlatarov Mission trip to Sofia, Bulgaria 2014 In February we went to Sofia, Bulgaria with a great expectation, to begin a work with the Care For All Ministries. It has become to be a strong experience in many ways. When we met Dinko Zlatarov we felt welcomed and loved at ones. Care For All, is a good and well-planned ministry with a high focus on humanitarian and evangelistic work, This ministry operates a great deal of time among the Gypsies - the poorest of the poor in Bulgaria. It was amazing to see how Dinko and his team worked among them. Also - it was impressive to see the new established churches that are continually growing, the outreach like giving food and pray for the sick and making children`s street parties give fantastic results. The education work among the children, giving them skills in English and how to use computers will help them increase their carrier development and avoid the mistakes of their surroundings. We can read in Matthew, 25:40 “Truly I tell you, in so far as you did it for one of the least of these My Brethren, you did it for me.” Care For All is living this, and what we saw was the love of the Father that came true this work. It was a great pleasure for us to see people saved and healed through this week’s work. The people we met, children and the grown-ups were dedicated and in love with Jesus. Through this work we can see the kingdom grow and we recommend Care For All to you to partner with in the Kingdom of God in Bulgaria. Best regards: Anita & Tormog Berg Olsen House On Fire Norway ... more
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