This is an Account of our Mission Trip to Bulgaria
Care For All International  2007-11-19

(Teri's Account): Of course it is not possible to share all but I will share what I hope will bless you so you can see that the prayers and the financial gifts were of a great blessing to all.  As most of you have known I have never traveled oversees nor have I flown in planes much at all.  God was extremely gracious in His ministering to me in these areas.  Everything was smooth sailing.  Glory to God.


While we were in Bulgaria we saw a life style that was very simple by all.  Life was not all about getting bigger and better things.  They either couldn't afford the life style we know or their living arrangements didn't allow it.  Most in Stara Zagora lived in apartments.  In a store like Sam's or BJ's, the biggest refrigerator I saw was about half the size of ours.  Their cars were mostly smaller.  People walked a lot, stores were simple.  It made me appreciate the simpler life more, yet in coming home I do appreciate much that America has to offer.

We did go to a couple orphanages.  One was for disabled children.  The children were sweet and well taken care of.  They just wanted love and enjoyed the gifts we brought them.  Most enjoyed being held, especially the younger ones.  We did face painting and gave them beannie babies and candy. They enjoyed it greatly.  We were not able to take pictures at these places. 

We also worked in a soup kitchen for 5 days, one hour each day and fed about 30 elderly.  This was a great blessing.  They were so thankful.  We also got to visit a couple of them in their apartments.  Everyone was always so generous.  Whenever we visited a church or home people always had something to offer us; food, water or gifts.  Very hospitable people and yet money was not in abundance there. We also took food to some people in need.

We did eat in nice restaurants all the time but before you think anything about wasting the money, let me share something with you.  Their nice restaurants were very inexpensive.  The food was so pretty but some of the most expensive food was only 5 - 6 Leva.  Their money has less value than the American dollar so it really was even less in our money.  The food was really good too.

Now to what I found was the most blessing of the time there for me.  It was ministry to the Romas (Gypsies).  I can't tell you how much of a blessing this was for me.  We went to 7-10 churches.  Some of these were house churches with maybe 5 people.  Other churches were congregations of maybe 35 - 100 people.  We were given freedom to seek the Lord in how to minister to them whether it be with a skit, testimony, preaching or etc.  We also prayed for them at the end of each service and with several churches we ministered to the kids by painting faces, taking pictures and so forth.  We gave gifts pretty much where ever we were.  God was gracious to give us great supply.  

It was such a great blessing to minister to these people.  God showed up in great power.  There seemed to be some who were healed and most seemed to be touched by the Holy Spirit.  I can't tell you how exciting it was to be able to be used by God and to seek God in such a way that He was able to minister through us to these wonderful people.  You may say how can gypsies be wonderful?  Well walking down the street of one of the poorest communities where people were all on the side of the wet dirt road, standing or sitting or whatever, I have to say that I felt Jesus' love.  I have never felt such a love for people as I felt there.  Many were dirty and some smelly but as we walked along that street, and  later thought about it, I felt like I had walked with Jesus.  I felt His heart for these people.  Where the two men in our group felt a little fear, I had no fear. All I could see and feel was that Jesus truly loved these people and wanted them as His own.  He wanted to care for them.  He loved all the little children as well.  Maybe I should have had some fear but perfect love casts out all fear and I believe that God just put me in His bubble all week.  I seemed to have no fear of anything, and maybe at least one or two times a little fear maybe would have been appropriate.  My God surrounded me with His love and peace in such tremendous ways. 

Well, let me just share a little more.  The villages where the Gypsies lived were very poor areas.  They had many shepherds out with their cows or cattle like you would see in movies. They had horse and carts to drive to town or where ever such as the Amish, only these were not as nice but made from plain  wood.  Many areas had no running water, flies were around in most homes, many didn't have electricity.  The bathrooms if they had any were Turkish or less.  Maybe just a whole with running water or the Turkish style was like an out house with feet print you stand on and squat.  I had to use one of those once.  Their homes from a distance could seem somewhat nice but when you step in you see they are little to be desired at least in the Americans eye.  Wood or even dirt floors some had.  Rugs were on the floors (not fancy rugs).  The wood floors were also not nice like Americans.  At least one family gave up a room in their home for a church.  It was a decent sized room but that family I think,  didn't even have running water.  Everyone in the villages and actually in the city seemed to hang their clothes out to dry but in my community I'd get in trouble for that. 

Well, what can I say?  In many ways my eyes have been opened.  What I've heard from others and seen on TV is no joke.  Life in other countries is certainly different than I think much of any American has ever known.  Even the poor of America, I think, are more well to do than the poor of many countries.  I have a whole new appreciation for life, for America and most of all for the Jesus.  I also have a sadness  that we as Americans some times have so much, that our desire for Jesus lacks.  I also have a sadness because they have so little.  Yet in their need they have joy, because those that are Christians and seek the face of Jesus have so much.  This is my account of what all of you have been part of during the second week of October 2007.  Thank you for allowing me to go and minister to some precious people and thank you very much for all the prayers.  We could not have experienced what we did without the prayers.  Thank you so very very much for all you have done. 

Pictures are following.  Tom also will have his account which I am sure is different in many ways.

Teri Fahey

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As a Christian Ministry venturing in Missions we have become comfortable partnering and ministering with groups and families from so many countries… Well so many and yet never before we had the honor to serve the Lord with a family from Norway. So for the first time we were to host Norwegians and we had no idea what to expect and let me tell you right away that Tormod and Anita Olsen - an army of just two literally filled our van, our towns and villages, our world. Since we have never met them before – we were praying that God was sending us at least some normal people to work with but it was such a surprise to discover that they were far from normal – they were as crazy as we are and folks so in love with Jesus and his flock. WOW! A week started and ended like it was just 7 hours – we felt in love with the Olsens seeing how they jumped straight into the deep waters of the Bulgarian ministry context without hesitation and restrains – they began loving on people, ministering with their unique talents and uplifting the hurting people with a contagious spirit of enthusiasm and Jesus love. WOW!! Sofia, Geman, Petrich, Panaguyrishte, Levski, Teteven – day after day the people of Bulgaria from the various churches found their Spiritual Vitamins, encouragement, specific word of God through prophecy, healings, freedom and salvation through the self-sacrificial, giving and warm ministry of these folks. We can not wait for them to come back in June… I personally am in anticipation to see what Daddy has for us in the future – and I am sure it is special. Thank you God – for bringing those two WOW!!! People in our world. Dinko Zlatarov Mission trip to Sofia, Bulgaria 2014 In February we went to Sofia, Bulgaria with a great expectation, to begin a work with the Care For All Ministries. It has become to be a strong experience in many ways. When we met Dinko Zlatarov we felt welcomed and loved at ones. Care For All, is a good and well-planned ministry with a high focus on humanitarian and evangelistic work, This ministry operates a great deal of time among the Gypsies - the poorest of the poor in Bulgaria. It was amazing to see how Dinko and his team worked among them. Also - it was impressive to see the new established churches that are continually growing, the outreach like giving food and pray for the sick and making children`s street parties give fantastic results. The education work among the children, giving them skills in English and how to use computers will help them increase their carrier development and avoid the mistakes of their surroundings. We can read in Matthew, 25:40 “Truly I tell you, in so far as you did it for one of the least of these My Brethren, you did it for me.” Care For All is living this, and what we saw was the love of the Father that came true this work. It was a great pleasure for us to see people saved and healed through this week’s work. The people we met, children and the grown-ups were dedicated and in love with Jesus. Through this work we can see the kingdom grow and we recommend Care For All to you to partner with in the Kingdom of God in Bulgaria. Best regards: Anita & Tormog Berg Olsen House On Fire Norway ... more
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